Thanks to my good friend Mark I now have a new game to add to my list of distractions: Path of Exile.  Finding another game is not what I wanted at this stage in my life; I have the constant issue of time management.  I have made great strides in the recent past whittling down my focus to one project, although I would like to finish the novel I got halfway through on.   Since my past mistakes I have gotten down this far starting Synthetic Wisdom and let me just say that I am both frightened and intrigued by the art style.  I have no issues with the writing (story line wise, not the adept dialogue), but the art as you can see is what I struggle with.  I do have plans of collaborating with other artists later on with other stories, but this is my patronage to the art world.  In some kind of future sight I should like to see myself completing my next painting: the one that is dedicated to Mother Cabrini, thanks to our talks in her gardens I was able to sketch out something for She would have proud of.

It is wayy too early for me to begin talking about art, I have not yet earned the right, I hope that the struggle for self acceptance is the easiest battle, in my case its even doubly hard, as I don’t know how to art, my method is as sloppy as my linework.  Is this fair to the other cartoonists if I continue on my path?  Until the day Mike Krahulik comes out with a how to draw or some kind of artistic bible(s) of appropriate length (I would love to help out!) as it could show a true improvement for those who either a: want to learn his style or b: want to have the confidence to cartoon.  That last point is dangerous as teachers who rely on that market may not want to diversify it, from a philosophers point of view, cartooning is like self editing novels.  I know how daunting novels are to edit, which is why I cannot sell them, and will continue to make new ones.

Once a piece is done, its done.  I won’t ever touch my water colors or acrylic pieces (but I will finish painting Clint and Spinach), and until the novel is turned into a .pdf and put on the internet or in print form, it can be edited all willy nilly.  From the very few strips I have done, as much as I attack my own lazy juvenile art, I will say I was able to tell some tiny story that is indelible in that form, I want to do more, and so I shall, I will let the old ways slowly burn away and reveal the finer talent that (hopefully) exists within.  I don’t care if Synthetic Wisdom is ever famous or good, I just want to be able to make it as freely as the curmudgeons of the comic strip industry.  ADHD and bitterness don’t help the situation, but actually taking steps towards that goal is the only answer.  I’ve already built the world, now I just have to slowly bring it to fruition.  I do thank God and Humanity for me to able to do things this far.  As a mystic I have to allow myself the freedom that humanity has when it comes to doing any thing, as in this it not one of the things I have to seek justification for.

Speaking of which I am off to go and make a better strip than this one!