Welcome everyone to Schwofield.com.  A site that is in its infancy to the same degree of my own ability as a wannabe cartoonist, among other things.  I’ll keep you up to date on the haps in my life, as well as bring you some … entertainment on a two day a week schedule.

I DO have some projects that I want to make happen(animation!?), but at this moment I feel like I’m not ready, artistically or patience wise.  These comics are teaching ME things, like those I two mentioned, so when the time is right, you will know what I know.  No, wait, that’s kind of cheesy.

As you can tell I enjoy writing,  so I enjoy cartooning, and though I’m no very good, I will continue on and tell the stories I want to tell.   I do have some things written out, but the lesson my first novel taught me is that, planning is one thing, doing is another.

Since this is way more professional than my DA, I’ll keep these posts, shorter, and MUCH nicer and less esoteric.  So come along with me and let us together take on, understand, and thrive in this crazy mixed up world where corruption is king, and truth is a four letter word.  Will I get to write about the Truth?  That is for the future to decide.